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The Goals of Giving Voice:

Improve the climate for women, and everyone, by reducing risk factors that lead to harassment, discrimination, bullying, bias, and isolation in science and engineering laboratories and classrooms.

Empower individuals to step up and take action that promotes gender inclusion in educational and research environments.

Provide courses of action, guidance, and resources that enables individuals, when confronted with problematic behavior, to find the language and support to respond in a manner that is appropriate to their situation.

Giving Voice is a project to raise awareness and provide tools to take action when encountering the challenges that disproportionately affect women in science and engineering research and education. Science and engineering continue to be dominated by men, especially in areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, and computer science where less than 20% of recent graduates are women. Two recent studies have shown that harassment is more likely to occur in work and academic environments where there is a lack of gender diversity. To create more gender inclusive environments, these studies highlight the need to tailor anti-harassment efforts to the specific audience, work place, or academic setting and to mobilize individuals to address and prevent sexual harassment within their community. These ideas are the foundation of Giving Voice.

The Audience for Giving Voice is anyone committed to gender inclusive research and educational environments: faculty, laboratory directors and staff, students, researchers, postdoctoral scholars, academic staff, instructors, and teaching assistants.